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05-03-2006 16:09:53

anyone else been getting generic answers for questions they ask of CS at freepay? Do they read the inquiries?
I ask about the new TOS and if my order that had been approved would need the form printed out and sent...a form I cant download. I figure no, but why not get it from the mouth of freepay-god?
well I get a generic response about not knowing when orders will ship blah blah blah. funny thing is it doesnt say it is generic AND it has a karot (<) in front of it like it was copied and pasted...
just curious if others are getting that. so strange.


05-03-2006 16:11:11

3/5/2006 70553 PM
customer service wrote
We have received your inquiry and will respond via a reply post in your account as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

3/5/2006 70552 PM
please answer my question. that was not the question that I asked.

3/4/2006 123136 PM
customer service wrote

>Due to the high volume of customer inquiries, we cannot provide each person with a time frame of when they will each receive their order.

We ask that you be patient during the order fulfillment process as it is not an "instantaneous" process. Orders are grouped together in the time period that they are initially placed by the customer and then sent to the product's vendor for the orders to be fulfilled.

Once your order is placed with the product vendor it is processed and then shipped to you.

When your order ships you will be notified and will receive tracking information (tracking number not applicable to to follow your order's shipment. Please be patient and your account will be updated when your order ships.
Again, we cannot provide individual order updates; your account will update itself as soon as any change to your order status occurs.

3/4/2006 123136 PM
hi No one has answered my second question added to another request earlier in the week so I figured I would ask in its own ticket. i noticed the new change in the TOS earlier this week. Will I have to submit a form for this order as it was already approved? if so, where is it? thanks!


06-03-2006 14:14:06

jake sent me a PM today and I got a great response. thanks jake and the csr at freepay!

No need to worry, your account is fine because you have completed all of the full requirements already. In addition, you already placed the ipod order which is on the order process. You do not have to send the approval form or redemption form to us. Due to high demands of ipod orders, it will take at least 2 weeks to ship the ipod to you. Please be patient. We are sincerely sorry for the delay.