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05-03-2006 00:25:54

All, go here! http//

Post that link everywhere you go, we need to get as many people as possible to sign that petition!

the more names, the more likely they will listen!

Sign it now!


05-03-2006 00:28:20

OMG....STFU...if u were in there position you would do the same to increase your $$...theres no fuck'n way we can blame these people for makin' it a lil' harder to get our "FREE SHIT"...seriously dude...give it up


05-03-2006 00:29:13

Ya i drank a lil...and im not usually this outspoken on the forum...but comon'.....Things change....stop your fawk'n whine'n


05-03-2006 00:31:26

mate, its worth a shot dont ya think?


05-03-2006 00:42:05

[quotefe86e67249="pottageb"]mate, its worth a shot dont ya think?[/quotefe86e67249]

Aight seriously...An online petition aint' gonna do shit. These "free sites" TOS's usually ahve phrases like "we can change gifts/not give you anyting/change all requirements" anytime we want..... They reserve that right and there not even going to that extent. There simply makin it somewhat inconvenient for us to get our gift. WHICH IS NOT HARD AT ALL considerin were doin it for free shit. Basically we've been treated like kings until this point and we've been mearly degraded to princes....So continue to enjoy the free shit and give it up....simple as that...


05-03-2006 01:04:52

Lol an online petition, about as helpful as a nutsack


05-03-2006 01:19:10

Jake has already said it will do nothing.

Instead of wasting your time doing petitions you should be hunting for referrals, the clock is ticking.