Request Instant Green On freepay

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04-03-2006 13:55:22

could someone show me plz how i can request an instant green? ive tried goin to my account and lookin for a link in that, but no luck so far. any suggestion?


04-03-2006 14:07:42

youll have to wait 15 days if it doesnt green by itself before then


04-03-2006 14:34:34

Even though the offer says instant green, it's not 100% true....It should give you credit right away, but it could always take as long as the other ones....I would read about the offer first on or on this forum in order to see what the history of the offer giving credit is....


06-03-2006 06:14:11

A related question do you folks normally wait 15 calendar days or 15 business days before requesting manual credits? I'm itching to request one because it's been 15 days, but it won't be 3 weeks (15 business days) until Friday... I hate waiting.


06-03-2006 07:51:41

i always just did it at 15 days


06-03-2006 07:54:16

the site says 15 business day


06-03-2006 08:18:03

Please ask a question like this in any of the other bajillion threads with instant credit in their title (that aren't locked).


06-03-2006 08:26:13

If you can find them before a mod does... D