Xbox360...why some are processing, and some are PA.

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04-03-2006 09:28:06

Upon asking people both here and on A4F, I have found that those who ordered and were in the processing stage for their Xbox 360's BEFORE 2006, are now all in processing again, while those of us who did it after are still stuck in Pending Approval.

I'm wondering if this is their way of guarenteeing their prize to only a select numer of people (like batch approvals), or if the "glitch" only affected users who went to processing on Jan 17th/18th.

Any thoughts on this Jake/anyone?


04-03-2006 10:58:42

i hope its just a glitch for the people that was approved on janurary but deep down inside i hope its their way of splitting the first batch of shipping because i was approved on nov 24 )