offer, yet to give me credit.

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03-03-2006 13:11:21

I checked ratetheoffers and people said that they got instant credit and so on...

I had two referrals complete the offer and neiter went green (even 23 days, and the other 7 days) after completing the offer.

She submitted for manual, but she had deleted confirmation e-mail so I don't even know what to ask of her now....

And the other is waiting for the 15 day point in order to send out for manual.

Anyone esle having trouble with true?

All you have to do is register and complete the personality quiz, am I correct? or is there more to it.


03-03-2006 15:04:50 offer is like a maze offer. You have to do like weird stuff to get it right.

Anyways, you did it wrong and will never get credit until you do it right. You have to sign up for the "7-day free trial" like the site says.


03-03-2006 15:50:38


1)i've sent e-mail confirmations
2) I've sent flycell 2 e-mails telling them to
a) fax freepay proof
b) e-mail freepay

3) Sent pictures of text confirmations that i've signed up
4) WAITED 5 WEEKS!!!! my patience is runnning sooooooooooooooooooo thin. now don't get my wrong, I love freepay and all. but did anyone else do this offer and still not get credit?!?!?!?! evil violin evil


03-03-2006 16:03:24

your out of luck dude, Flycell is notrious for lonnnnnngg time creditting.

How long til you got credit? 72.0 days



03-03-2006 16:06:27

When I did, it was pretty instant, less than an hour. My friend just did it under me yesterday and it hasn't credited yet.


03-03-2006 18:46:49

I too have been recommending this offer but to no avvail.

hey cyberpunk243, could you give me some good instructions for my referrals to complete the offer, because I completed a different offer for my green, so I don't know exactly what to tell them, beyond sign up for the 7day and complete the personality quiz and that doesn't seem to be working.

Thanks in Advance.


03-03-2006 19:04:29

When I signed up, all I did was click on the offer, entered my information on the front page, I completed the pages where they asked about what I like in a girl and stuff and then it greened. Pretty quick and easy. I don't know what people are doing different so that it doesn't green. I just hope my friend's goes green for me. I need to hurry now!


03-03-2006 19:06:40

[quotea64e917bad="VrExe"]your out of luck dude, Flycell is notrious for lonnnnnngg time creditting.

How long til you got credit? 72.0 days


yeah i know, to think someone who has a member since (check my box, on the left) and not have known to have checked RTO is sorta insulting. but none taken. anyways one of the persons is me, the other is someone from a4f. that's two users from the freebie scene forum. wink


06-03-2006 16:20:58

how do i do this offer? I enter in my e-mail and clicked Continue, than it took me to my PS3 account? Now what?