laptops voucher arrived at freepay PO box

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03-03-2006 08:30:21

Status Arrival at Pick-Up-Point

Your item arrived at the WASHINGTON, DC 20044 processing center at 1107 am on March 03, 2006 and is ready for pickup. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

now let's play the waiting game. woo!


03-03-2006 09:25:29

what site did you send it in for? I sent in one for giftcards yesterday that should arrive tomorrow


03-03-2006 09:26:23

[quote2cc9c6f965="nickman"]laptops voucher arrived at freepay PO box[/quote2cc9c6f965]


03-03-2006 12:02:07

Status Delivered

Your item was delivered at 1104 am on March 03, 2006 in WASHINGTON, DC 20044. The item was signed for by _ _______.



03-03-2006 13:57:12

Love the avatar nick.

I'll pray for your laptop.

Wait. I'm not religous..

I'm going to steal your laptop.


03-03-2006 14:23:10

congrats lets see how long this takes