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02-03-2006 19:39:46

Hello, I'm new to these forums, obviously. I used to be big into these offers back in the summer of 04 when they were first becoming popular...I ended up getting a free iPod and free 27" TV. I signed up for FreeDesktopPC.com soon after the other 2, but I didn't think the effort was worth it so I gave up, never completing an offer.

Well about a month ago, my PC blew up. It's old and not worth fixing but I remembered signing up for the free PC site. I logged in and saw to my surprise I had 4 referrals completed. I've since got 2 more referrals and I'm only 4 more away from a new computer. However, the recent changes (or maybe not so recent?) in their policies got me wondering. I read the terms and conditions and saw I have 90 days to complete an offer myself. I know the new policy is EVERYTHING has to be done in 90 days, but what just your offer? Has this always been in the T&C because I don't remember reading it..???

Needless to say, if I'm ineligible to complete an offer I'm gonna be pretty bummed. Any knowledge regarding my situation would be great.



02-03-2006 19:41:20

You have 90 days from March 1st to complete the site - your offer plus your 10 referrals. This time restriction doesn't apply to approval - only to you completing all requirements


02-03-2006 19:44:19

4 in three months sounds doable.


02-03-2006 20:01:58

ok just so we're totally clear- this part of the FAQ was added on March 1st....

[i73533e31cf]We cannot credit your account for an offer, if you completed it 90 days after you signed up for a new account with us. Per our Terms and Conditions, we require all users who signup for an account with us to complete an offer within 90 days of their account signup date.[/i73533e31cf]



02-03-2006 20:10:24

That's new users post 3/1/06.

I think...


03-03-2006 00:03:41

can anyone verify this??


03-03-2006 18:11:54

bump...I'd really like to get a definite answer before I continue.. /


03-03-2006 18:52:36

I gave you a definite answer.


03-03-2006 19:44:50

kerb just look at your account, it says u have 3 months to complete the offer and gives u the exact date