Hell yes Freepay!!!!!!!!!!

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02-03-2006 14:43:58

So in spite of all the recent hating and ranting towards Freepay, I thought i'd share a nice moment I just had.

I was in approval for over a week when the change happened and a glitch came up, followed by a screen telling me to print out the form and mail it in. I was dissapointed that I had wasted all of that time approving to just have to start over.

So I get home from work, turn on my PC and what do I see? APPROVED! No form needed! I guess I was finished being approved before the change!!!!!

sorry if i'm not supposed to start a thread like this. With 100 freepay hating threads I figured I would share my experience. This is my first freebie I will actually get!!!

Now lets hoping processing is quick (I heard it was for giftcards)


02-03-2006 14:47:36

I think I was in the same boat until I saw one of my refs go gray, so I guess I went through the approval process and got denied the 1st time. Guess I have to submit the form for the 2nd try.


02-03-2006 14:49:08

Congrats. Completing means so much more these days....


02-03-2006 15:13:39

I just got shipped today on a 30G White Ipod.


02-03-2006 15:16:43

when, just now?


02-03-2006 15:21:12

how long ago did you get approved?


02-03-2006 15:40:56

About 3 hours ago...I was approved about 10 days ago...I'm from Canada though, which might have something to do with it.


02-03-2006 16:15:38

have people been waiting long for giftcard processing?


02-03-2006 16:27:24

My friend did giftcards ... it took him about 5 days to get approved.