Offer, How long did it takes?

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01-03-2006 20:26:28

My friend signed up under my ref like a week ago with the offer and he still havent gone green and it still says for him that he need to complete an offer. SO the question is, how long does it takes for the offer before it is approved by freepay? The offer I did a long while ago only took 4 days to be approve. Thank you.

PS Sorry if this is the wrong forum, please move it where it belongs if it's the case. Thanks.


01-03-2006 20:27:44

Um 1.5 months for me to finally get credit.


01-03-2006 20:46:35

Holy .. that's way too long o_O; Did you send them a ticket after 15 days?

Anyone else?


01-03-2006 21:29:24

I sent trainn a ticket on this same site, still have not got credit, but I am not wanting it anymore since it was part of a trade and the person (after all this time) no longer needs the ref.


02-03-2006 07:13:18

it was instant for me on freepay flatscreens )


02-03-2006 07:17:58

My friend completed the offer, downloaded and used their software, and is still waiting to receive credit.

This is just annoying, he's supposed to be my 5/5 referral.