STV? Do I need to fill in a form?

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01-03-2006 12:44:39

My status is [b1f6fe62b91]Sent to Vendor, Waiting on Product [/b1f6fe62b91]for my ipod video 30gb black. Do I still have to fill in a form and that 90 day thing?


01-03-2006 12:46:19

The form is in order to get your account approved. The 90 day limit is how long you have to complete the site.

Do either of those apply to you?


02-03-2006 02:27:34

I'm not sure, I've already been approved, I'm already past processing, I am now at STV.


02-03-2006 02:42:27

I'm in STV as well, I hope to God I don't have to send in a form.

Nothing's really changed so far except it shows a due date


02-03-2006 04:31:15

i'm in Processing, and i didn't get a form

so the form is for you to get APPROVED?????????


02-03-2006 04:34:54

YES. Jake has said that it's for you to get approved.


02-03-2006 04:35:45

k, so i'm in the clear, thanks