Major TOS Changes at FREEPAY ... Jake please look ...

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01-03-2006 09:57:42

[bba0909b7bf]Direct from freepay [/bba0909b7bf]

[quoteba0909b7bf] Important Change to Terms & Conditions

li With a start date of March 1, 2006 – users of FreePay websites have 90 days to complete all offer requirements.

li Upon completion of all offer requirements, existing users will need to print a “Redemption Form” that must be filled out in its entirety and mailed with a postmarked date no later than 30 days of completing their offer requirements.

You will find an indication of how many days you have left to complete the requirements on the Status page. When you have completed the requirements you will be able to download the redemption form from the Status page. [/quoteba0909b7bf]


How will this affect those of us that registered for sites months ago and now wish to start them? Do the 90 days start as of 3/1 or when we registered? (very bad for me as I have sites that I am now starting that i signed up for many months ago for trades) Better yet -- are the sites that we signed up for before 3/1 not included in this change since they were done before the TOS change?

Last but not least -- what happens to those of us who were approved months ago for a 360 - that are now pending approval again and have been waiting for over 90 days?

Thx Freepay and Jake in advance ...


01-03-2006 09:58:47

Jake is aware. We are waiting an explination. K? thnkx.