Waiting for Approval Again after Being Approved?

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01-03-2006 08:33:04

Is that possible?

couldn't find the answer here because the thread titles don't state the subject of the post. So, if i get all my referrals, i get APPROVED, than another referral goes green, do i request for approval again?


01-03-2006 08:36:50

If you get approved, why would you need to request approval again?


01-03-2006 08:47:42

oh ok

i mean, suppose i am Waiting for Approval, than another one of my referrals get a green, so than i have to REQUEST for Approval again.

I'm just asking because it took me too long to get Approved, i don't want to wait again if one of the 100 referrals on my list go green (


01-03-2006 09:10:21

One of my "extra" yellow referrals just went green while I'm waiting for approval (like a week into waiting for approval on giftcards)

nothing seemed to change. I wonder if they'll bump it to the bottom of approval queue. I wonder if one goes gray if i'll have to request approval again or the 6th green will just take it's place