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28-02-2006 15:42:23

[i1c2da8d6ac]I sent something like this to Jake, but he couldn't tell me much.[/i1c2da8d6ac]

My friend completed the offer a few days ago, and went through all the required steps.

I was pondering when he'll receive credit? I checked it on, and it gave me an average of 26.1 days... but it didn't seem very feasible.

Did anyone else complete this offer? I'd like some feedback or information regarding if this offer will suffice.


28-02-2006 20:36:26

I have had no problems with this offer. I've done it once and several of my friends who are into the Freebie scene have as well with no problems. Generally it takes anywhere from 1 - 3 days. Be patient.


28-02-2006 21:35:01

I myself got instant credit.


01-03-2006 04:42:27

Did you guys receive any sign-up or confirmation emails?


01-03-2006 04:59:40

I did the BocaJava offer, which is supposed to credit when you place your first order. I didn't end up getting credit until about a week later. No big deal, but I'm just saying that sometimes it takes a little longer.