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28-02-2006 14:33:13

Maybe I sound dumb asking this, but if a family member in my household registered under a freepay site under my referral link (which violates the code, yes, I know), can I still get 5 other people to complete offers? Like, will they just ignore the fact that a family member is there if I still have 5, or will they automatically put me on hold?


28-02-2006 15:35:42

You will be put on hold. Try PM'ing Jake and see what he might be able to do for you. It's possible he could get that one referral removed from your account...


28-02-2006 15:40:24

nope, you will be put on hold. i'm currently trying to fix this problem since i didnt realize this (actually, the referrals dont even live at my address, they just used my computer). i tried to replace those accounts by having other referrals, and then MY account was put on hold


28-02-2006 15:49:30

i thought as long as the other account didn't complete an offer or if they haven't got any referrals, than you are fine. Sometimes, people make two accounts accidentilly.


28-02-2006 15:53:28

nope, will still be put on hold supposedly


28-02-2006 19:24:22

That stinks.

How can I get a hold of Jake?


28-02-2006 19:25:41

he posts a lot in this forum. just do a search for his name