New Mac Mini

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28-02-2006 12:29:53

Just so you know, Freepay has updated the stats on the Mac Mini it is offering (to go along with Apple's update today)

li 1.5GHz Intel Core Solo Processor
li 512MB memory
li 60GB hard drive
li DVD/CD-RW combo drive
li Integrated AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth capability
li Mac OS X 10.4, iLife '06 and Front Row software
li Apple remote
li 6.5 inches wide and 2 inches tall
li Weighs only 2.9 lbs

Note that this is not the 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo, as http// shows


28-02-2006 12:44:06

i'm kinda apple illeterate, but what are Mac Mini's anyway???


28-02-2006 12:51:00

booyea! only 2 more referrals to go. glad i took so long to finish this site.


28-02-2006 13:19:53

[quote576434fa1d="mpbollywoodking"]i'm kinda apple illeterate, but what are Mac Mini's anyway???[/quote576434fa1d]

it's what it sounds like - a small mac lol


28-02-2006 13:55:52

booyakashakka! time to start trying to complete the site.


28-02-2006 14:30:34

is it anybetter than the PowerPC minimac?


28-02-2006 18:53:57

[quotecd51293b05="EatChex89"]is it anybetter than the PowerPC minimac?[/quotecd51293b05]
supposedly its about 2 to 3 times faster. It also comes with their new software media player/organizer software. I think it's called Front Row or something.


28-02-2006 18:57:20

I guess theyre saying 4 times faster.

Up to 4x Faster
Powered by the Intel Core Solo or Intel Core Duo processor plus a whole new system architecture, the new Mac mini delivers up to 4x the speed of the previous model. (2)

1.5GHz Intel Core Solo processor

2MB L2 Cache

667MHz Frontside Bus

512MB memory (667MHz DDR2 SDRAM)

60GB Serial ATA hard drive

Combo drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW)

Built-in AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth 2.0

Apple Remote

Put on a Show
Use the Front Row interface and Apple Remote to browse through all the music, photos and movies on your Mac mini from the couch across the room. In addition, Bonjour sharing now makes it possible to access shared music, photos and video playlists from other computers on your network.

more info here http//


28-02-2006 21:18:50

[quoted528ccc58f="TimTheSloth"]I guess theyre saying 4 times faster.

Only with the Duo CPU. The Freepay one is the single core


28-02-2006 21:38:04

So 2.5 times faster, supposedly.

Excellent for a $700 mac.


01-03-2006 04:14:31

wow, can i use the harddrive on my Windows Machine?


01-03-2006 05:42:08

yay, I can be an Intel beta tester for Apple for only 10 referrals!
seriously though, I've been curious about the intel Macs since the rumors were going on, this makes it easy to take the plunge. It will be a more worthy companion to my G5 than my current home theater 'rig' which is a 450mhz G4 cube. poor guy can barely keep up with xbmc...
anyhow, great form freepay! that was a super quick turn around on that! Awesome! Any possibility of a coreduominimacs.freepay offer though? hmm?


01-03-2006 05:46:09

Hey wait a second..... when FreePay changes their gift to match what Apple is providing, it's okay. But when they change their gift to match what Microsoft is offering, people think they're still entitled to the old gift? ;)


01-03-2006 08:39:24

do you mean the pack without the remote of the 360? wasn't that a limited time offer?