Free Credit Report Offer Disappeared after I signed up

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27-02-2006 22:14:14

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone had a similar problem..
a few days ago I signed up for the "free Credit Report" offer on the site. Right after i signed up i came back and the offer had disapearred. Is that normal?
I asked my friend to sign in to her account to see if she had the option to use that offer and she said that it wasn't in her account anymore either.
Anyway, i'm kinda nervous - especially since the Free Credit Report ended up being some weird service that looks very fishy, and I kinda regret having chosen it to begin with.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated


27-02-2006 23:34:32

happend to me too..I did some hair restore offer that disappeared a few days later...I still got credited after waiting out the 15 days and sending a credit request....just make sure you recieved a confirmation email from the company whose offer you completed