what exactly is going on during approval?

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27-02-2006 18:50:38

Hmm when u are pending approval. What is gratis ACTUALLY doing; and why does it take so long (or so ive heard).


27-02-2006 19:01:56

They call FBI and track down what you exactly did. That's why it takes long time. So I've heard.

But seriously, they do a make-sure check to see that all your refs are legit and that you or them did not violate any rules.


27-02-2006 19:03:15

Unfortunately, the longer these sites are available, the sneakier scammers try to become.. Therefore, more work is needed for checking people out.


27-02-2006 19:09:44

Vrxe, if you are banned, how did u make a post?


27-02-2006 19:59:13

He may just be using the image as an avatar.