Instant Credit!

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27-02-2006 13:27:57

I checked the site today to see that it states Instant Credit in red on all of the offers. Can anyone confirm this?


27-02-2006 13:29:32

confirmed, i just noticed that too....its cool if its real....


27-02-2006 13:31:33

Ya, anyone completed an offer recently or will be completing an offer today please post to confirm if it is indeed Instant.


27-02-2006 13:58:55

yeah all of the offers say instant credit. Somehow I doubt that, but if true, hell yeah.


28-02-2006 08:15:21

They've aswered my prayers???


28-02-2006 09:00:11

everybody should get instant credit. Its confusing for newcomers to the site that they subscribe, but than they dn't get credit, and they see the message "Now Complete an Offer". And they think its a scam, i mean i would think that as well.

People who subscribe, should get instant credit automatically, like a referral. A referral tgat signs up instant get's on your list. The time where they check if it's legit is during the approval process. I think that makes Freepay get more profit in my opinion


28-02-2006 13:39:55

One of my referrals said he signed up for the Rhapsody but it wasn't instant credit.


28-02-2006 14:51:27

This is a glitch, all offers are not instant credit


28-02-2006 15:43:11


oh well

but it makes sense to make them instant for newcomers. If it's not instant, than when somebody subscribes, the status should change to something like
"Thank you for subscribing, your credit for subscribing will soon come. If it has not come within 15 business days, please contact us in our Help section"