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27-02-2006 13:17:04

i pm'd Jake about this but since the enormous amount of pm's he gets daily, i figured i would get Jake's attention a lot better if i just make threads from now on...anyways, i signed up for flatscreens.freepay for zbalz on this site and did the poker expert offer....he doesn't see me on his list of more than positive that i signed up for him 100% i got credit on the site and this is the second time its happened to me, once on trainn and now here....what should i do Jake, i know for a fact that i went through the process correctly and used the right ref link....


27-02-2006 13:52:51

so because he gets lots of pms, you should get preferential treatment and the right to ignore forum rules?
What if everyone just started making threads instead of sending him pms
see where im going with this...

be patient


27-02-2006 13:56:33