Odd question...

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26-02-2006 20:09:20

Alright, so I've been working on the ipodnano site and I am almost completed with it (3/5). However, time is becoming an issue to me and this is why...

I have spring break next week and I have a bunch of new computer parts at home that I was going to use to put together a new computer with pieces from this one, but I am affraid I won't have enough time to complete my ipod nano site before I have to re-due EVERYTHING (ENTIRE OPERATING SYSTEM) on my PC.

Any suggestions to what I can do about this? Should I contact Freepay? I am not in anyway trying to rip off Freepay in anyway, I just want to complete my referrals. And I am almost positive that I will be put on hold (and I can understand why) if I build my new PC and log in to my freepay account with my new PC. Any idea's/suggestions?


26-02-2006 20:36:09

a new pc won't make any difference


26-02-2006 20:55:04

are you sure? cause isn't that how they keep track of your account through the cookies and ip addresses?


26-02-2006 23:12:59

[quote04ebdadd02="JBB2005"]are you sure? cause isn't that how they keep track of your account through the cookies and ip addresses?[/quote04ebdadd02]

Cookies can be deleted every minute and ip change means nothing. As long as new IP doesnt match one of your referrals


27-02-2006 00:29:24

as long as you've already done your offer, its up to them.


27-02-2006 12:20:51

No worries buddy.


27-02-2006 12:25:29

You'll be fine. Re-due your machine and you won't have any issues.

If you started completing an offer offer, hibernated your computer, rebuilt it, deleted all the cookies using a bootable floppy and then woke the computer from hibernation, you might have an issue. If not, you should be good to go.