360 shipment

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26-02-2006 13:55:26

Does anybody know how many this fabled March 360 shipment will include? I finished later then most I have ben processing since 1/17. Will we all be on this shipment or is like August a more realistic date?

Alien Zulu

26-02-2006 14:02:49

you'll get it in March... of next year
there probably won't be a shipment in March
that notice is going to say April any day now


26-02-2006 14:08:38

uh oh it's gonna get locked!


26-02-2006 14:33:16

Finally a thread about the 360 status. All this time I've been wondering but had no source of information.


26-02-2006 15:02:33

actually gratis has deicded against shipping the 360, they are instead going to store them away in a cold, dark, damp basement and let them age into a zdqz582 for 2 years.

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26-02-2006 15:14:45

yes, freepay discloses their entire inventory to the general public


26-02-2006 17:03:56

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