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26-02-2006 11:49:12

This is just a suggestion. I think Freepay sites should do something about their site when a person completes an offer. Some of my referrals, who are noobs, told me after htey complete an offer, they keep seeing Complete an offer page again and again and they were complaining to me that it kept telling them to complete an offer. (sorry for run-on sentence).

I think maybe you could say you have complete an offer, please wait. Or something like that to tell them that they did complete it and that they should just wait to get creditted.

Just my two cents.


26-02-2006 11:54:03

well if they knew they did the offer it would be credited

the only thing they could do extra is show that an offer was clicked

so this doesnt really make sense

unknown uchiha

26-02-2006 12:08:52

It means that they did the offer but have yet to be credited. If you have been credited for an offer and you login to your Freepay site account, it should take you to your status page saying "Great news! You have completed an offer! Now refer X friends to do the same"

Or if you do something like CompleteHome which requires you to stay on for at least seven days, it will take you to the status page instead of the offer page as well saying "You have not completed the requirements..." which means that they have gotten word of you signing up but you have yet to fulfill the requirements for that offer. Once you do so, that should change to the "Great news!" message the next time you log on instead of showing you the "Now compelte an offer!" page. Hope this helps.


26-02-2006 12:15:49

They do it to trick people into doing more than one offer.

And there's already a suggestions thread.


26-02-2006 13:30:33

[quote9ca70fcd93="ilanbg"]They do it to trick people into doing more than one offer.

And there's already a suggestions thread.[/quote9ca70fcd93]

If you know the noobs in real life, try having them come over to your house, and completing the offer in front of you. That way you know they've done it correctly.

Don't worry about the IP stuff. It's complete bullshit.
If you ref completes the offer on your computer, you should be fine.


26-02-2006 14:42:09

I suggest you ignore JM, who is obviously a complete idiot. What he's suggesting is a walkthrough. And they [ie3b0984e02]do[/ie3b0984e02] check IPs, and you and your ref [ie3b0984e02]will[/ie3b0984e02] be DQed if you follow JM's advice.


26-02-2006 15:52:45

A walkthrough? No no no!
I was merely suggesting they use your computer because you know the settings are all correct! Some people's don't work because they have cookies disabled or for other dumb reasons. I'm not saying sit there and be like "do this, this this this this this"
I'm saying

"Use my computer man because we know her settings are all correct! Make sure that 'welcomeoffer' is in the go-bar at all times. If you have any questions, ask."


The problem with these supposed IP checks is that they're just not plausable. I have not ever read anything about one being totally true. What happens to people that don't have a computer to use? They're welcomed to use mine! Over 5 people have done their gratis stuff from my house and there's been no problems. Even a few of them have been my refs.

If you're accusing me of being a walkthrough-er you can just stop that right now!


26-02-2006 19:09:23

While that may not be a walkthrough, I know I was DQed for the first site I did before I knew how they checked, and it was because they check IPs.

I'm hoping people have the common sense to ignore you. If not, their loss.