Most referrals using same "offer"

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26-02-2006 08:23:51

I found that many of my referrals are completing the same offer.

The reason why isn't because of walking through, but it was because I told them about the "Passport to Fun" and the other Dealpass type programs - and they used it to sign up.

I read the FAQ in there after the fact, and it seems to say that I may have screwed myself.

Has anyone run into this? Or am I just wasting my time telling more people to sign up now?

Thoughts welcome!


26-02-2006 08:49:22

Well for the Canadian sites there aren't many offers to choose from....When I did free ipods I think everyone I referred did the same offer...I didn't run into any problems...


26-02-2006 11:48:21

You should be fine


26-02-2006 13:32:38

There's no reason why they cannot complete the same offer.
I've had it a few times.
The only thing that happens is when a few people complete the same offer, and a new one clicks on the link to do the same one as well, they get sent to a page that says it's unavailable.
Seems fair enough.