old ref links not working?

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25-02-2006 18:20:12

ok, so i'm almost done for the 30GB iPod and just need one more person

i told my friend about it and he got so hyped up and wanted to do it so naturally i gave him my ref link

he signed up and told me he did the real rhapsody offer and he confirmed his email

sadly, i gave him my old style ref link and for some reason he isn't showing up under me. i asked what browser he used and he said IE

then i asked what was the link in the address bar when he signed up and he said he was 100% postive that it had the link. he even said that it said referred by ######.

so of course now i'm shiliting in my pants because that was my last referral and he hasn't showed up. I waited a full 8 hours before asking this here just to see if it would change and it hasn't.

any suggestions?

EDIT I just PMed jake. Any other suggestions?


25-02-2006 18:27:15

Sometimes it takes a bit before his ref shows up in your list.


26-02-2006 07:48:30

still not showing


26-02-2006 07:58:25

it won't show dude, sorry

i had a friend sign up, and before he subscribe to anything, he didn't shwo up on my list, so he sign up again, and he shows up now.

I don't why this happens, i even made a thread about

not one reply (