quick ? bout BBuster

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25-02-2006 15:02:22

Ok, back in the day i did the free trial for BBuster (having nothing to do w/ freebie sites). Now (1.5 years later), want to do the BB offer, but will i be DQed for trying.


25-02-2006 16:05:45

I think you'll be okay

Freepay's BBuster offer tries to trick you into some scamtastic "Great Fun!" subscription thing. TRAINN's blockbuster offer does not have this.

Just fyi. I wonder if blockbuster knows that there is a sketchy offer being thrown in on the confirmation page for their service. It is not but could very well be mistaken for an association. My buddy's uncle is a higher-up at blockbuster corporate, I should inquire.

unknown uchiha

25-02-2006 21:25:05

Which offer are you talking about, Nytrate? Is it the Time Magazine/Entertainment Weekly combo?

<- Haven't heard about this, I HAVE signed up for Blockbuster Online through a Freepay site though, any information is greatly appreciated =)


26-02-2006 08:17:55

when you're done with completing Blockbuster on freepay sites, it brings you to a page with a large button you click and your info is automatically sent to some company called GReat Fun, which gives you a free month and then charges $10 a month.

I caught it but I mention it because many of my refs who did Blockbuster fell for it. It is fairly decieving.

I just am curious if Blockbuster knows about it because they are using the info you give to blockbuster to sign you up for this.

unknown uchiha

26-02-2006 10:56:25

Great Fun? Eh, don't recall seeing that or clicking on a large button but thanks anyways, +Karma =D


26-02-2006 16:45:55

yeah i dont remember seeing that either when I did the bb offer. this bb offer is great btw )