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24-02-2006 12:44:42

what is the average processing time? I had been approved on Feb. 14th, and have been processing since then...this is for the 30gb black video ipod thru

i thought the processing was supposed to last around 7 days...?


24-02-2006 15:40:02

7-10 business days....Freepay = Patience
you WILL get your item, you just might have to wait a couple months. I waited two months for my PSP and 3 for my Mac mini!


24-02-2006 20:05:12

I have been waiting since Feb 1st. I am starting to get this "waiting" thing... LOL.


24-02-2006 20:27:25

Well I believe FreePay doesn't have any ipods at the moment, I could be wrong but I have read on various forums everyone is waiting for ipods and a few other items as well.