Which Xbox 360 Site?

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23-02-2006 19:13:54

I'm looking to sign up for an Xbox 360 website. I have already completed Freepay's iPod site so I'm not a noob at the system or anything. I am just wondering which in your opinion is the best site to do - Freepay, Trainn, OfferCentric, etc. I have read that because so many people have signed up for Freepay it may be harder to get referrals and that Freepay hasn't shipped yet, while Trainn has. I also know that Trainn gives out the money instead of the Xbox and you can get games as well. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!


23-02-2006 19:36:22

well i wouldnt go with Freepay, I finished my 360 referrals for them back in early september i believe, and nothin yet


23-02-2006 20:20:38

If you want to receive a gift, go with Trainn or OC. I've heard OC has Offers of Doom...so Trainn is probably the better bet.

Freepay hasn't tried (other than "waiting to hear from their vendor") to satisfy their end of the bargain, I wouldn't recommend doing their site while there are other companies willing to make good on their deal.


23-02-2006 21:01:35

trainns they took care of me


23-02-2006 21:25:14

Freepay and Trainn are both reputable sites. Granted freepay is currently having issues supporting their larger user base so depending how your parents raised you and how you handle yourself in real life would determine if you were going to pick one site or the other. Do both sites. You could probably even go to a smaller, riskier site, and get one even quicker but you also stand to be scammed that way.


24-02-2006 05:23:58

I don't know if GiftFiesta is shipping out 360s yet, but I took a $400 paypal option and got it about 3 days after I got my 8th green... Other benefits include that their offers are really easy and a whole ton of people haven't done gift fiesta for some reason I don't know.



24-02-2006 07:12:39

Of course, there are always those who think Freepay can do no wrong, and anyone who questions them is a whiny child. So while Trainn, OC, and Giftfiesta send out 360s and/or cash, Freepay gets off the hook because they have more customers (even though they haven't satisfied [bd177886cb5]any[/bd177886cb5]).