ps3 account changed from processing to pending approval too

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23-02-2006 16:53:59

i checked my ps3 acct, and from processing it went to pending approval as well....wth? maybe freepay will change to needing more refs...anyone else?


23-02-2006 17:00:42

well it did to many other its just a glitch dont worry


23-02-2006 19:29:55

yikes...what is up with that!!!


23-02-2006 19:36:43

lol, damn and I was hoping mine would go to shipped soon. Why the huff not like they are gonna ship them before a year or so.


23-02-2006 20:00:31

i wish i am at the processing stage (


23-02-2006 20:30:33

Heck I am waiting on my last green - I would be so lucky oops


23-02-2006 21:02:26

yeah.... i want my psp haha but like people say its free.... no problem with waiting... seems like everyone has one ;-)