account on hold?????

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23-02-2006 06:56:54

after requesting approval for the psp site monday i checked tuesday and was put on hold. I have always done everything totally by the book so I don't know why this would have happened. My only guess is that one of my refs was going something wrong so I was put on hold? I put a customer service ticket in and also PM'd jake but no response yet. This concerns me because I am working on 3 other freepay sites that I am almost done with (just need one more on each to green) and I don't want some mixup on the psp site to effect everything. Also when I click on the link that says "on hold" it takes me to a server error page, so I was thinking maybe this is just a glitch?

Jake please help!


23-02-2006 07:00:09

yea same thing happened to me yesterday. It was taken care of though.

Really gets me nervous though, because I also have the giftcards awaiting approval and if that goes on hold as well I'll lose my mind.

It's definitely discouraging, I feel your pain. If you really did it by the book I'm sure it'll be worked out like it was for me. (well I lost a green that was legit but I'm not about to whine and piss anyone off over it)

good luck


23-02-2006 08:13:16

I was put on hold on Dec 20th and lost a greenfor shuffles. I have been trying to figure out what i've done wrong since then as well. Two weeks later I completed Nano with no issues and got my gift as well.

It's a mystery.


23-02-2006 08:29:28

after you got put on hold for the shuffle site, did they take you off hold? have you got the shuffle yet? and how did you get ahold of freepay just through a customer service ticket?


23-02-2006 10:27:02

I will answer as many PMs as I can later today.


23-02-2006 14:16:14

I am still on hold for shuffles and got a green DQ'd. so no I don't have the product.

I am not really worried about getting the shuffle. I'm like you I just don't want that hold on my record because I don't deserve it. IMHO.

I have had many conversations via Cust. Serv requests and luckily I still have a chance....I hope. I've also PM'd Jake a few times. He replies when he can.

I'm just staying patient and hoping it gets resolved someday, Plus I'm hoping they offer something else on the shuffle site in the future.


23-02-2006 14:18:06

Thanks Jake!


23-02-2006 14:34:23

THANKS comes to those who wait....sometimes )


23-02-2006 14:36:15

[quote558712488c="ch3d"]THANKS comes to those who wait....sometimes )[/quote558712488c]

Did you get put off hold?


23-02-2006 14:53:51

I did. Just be patient and explain your case.