Good job freepay

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23-02-2006 05:59:40

Alright, ive always avoided freepay, i heard it will take forever to go through and stuff so i just decided to stick with trainns and others. Well i have to say so far freepay has been great, better than what i thought, i was approved in 4 days, im still processing but im hoping to go through soon. So all i have to say is thanks -)

Jake, Thanks so much, we all know you dont have to but you help, when i see people on here complaining i just want to say, Jake probably has tons of PM's, hes doing this because hes a nice guy, he could just make you wait until the support ticket to respond but he gets it donbe, it never takes him more than 2 days. So thanks, i cant wait for my psp, i owe it all to you and freepay being so great -)


23-02-2006 06:00:43

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23-02-2006 06:43:01

LOL you and your owl pictures

always makes me chuckle

I dig freepay so far, I haven't recieved anything yet. Customer service has been good. I've had 2 big problems with the freeipod site and they both got resolved quickly, lets just see if I actually get my i-pod -)


23-02-2006 06:48:04

Freepay is great, if you and your referrals don't do anything against the TOS, the process can be very smooth )


23-02-2006 10:22:46

i know, i dont see why people try to out smart them haha they dont deserve it, its one thing for it to be a mess up but another to do it on purpose and try to cover it up, it makes it hard for them to believe the ones who hold a real story


23-02-2006 10:32:15

yea for real. It would seem to be more trouble to cheat than to do it legitly.

I finished 3 5-referral sites in like 2 or 3 weeks, really wasn't that hard.

But this waiting for approval (especially after the on-hold scare yesterday) is killing me. I really just want to forget all about it and be pleasantly surprised in a week, but we all know that won't happen. I check 100x a day


23-02-2006 10:34:53

yeah i mean they make it easy and do you a huge favor, but i mean why do it, but i know they like it because its more money for them, they rely on people going on hold, which makes it a good thing people are stupid -)


23-02-2006 10:40:59

god I can't wait for my giftcard to be approved


23-02-2006 10:53:25

i cant wait for my psp -)


23-02-2006 11:11:14

Freepay is the best...It will be a year since I started doing these sites and so farI have gotten a....

- Mac Mini
- Ipod Shuffle
- Ipod Nano

and am wainting on PS3 to come out so I can get that!!!

I would marry freepay...if I could D


23-02-2006 12:32:06

Welcome to the processing game ;)


23-02-2006 12:33:15

FreePay owns.