Charged a $15 fee trying to use my $300 GIFTCERTIFICATE???!!

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21-02-2006 14:36:12

Yes I received my Supercertificate code today.. went to use it and it automatically tries to charge me a service fee of $15 bucks? This is the first I had heard of this? WTF! This cannot be right... Can it?!!!

I read the link that was supposed to describe what a 'service fee' was and it simply does not say. It only describes what 'shipping fees' are (which there is no confusion there.. Shipping is free unless upgraded...)

SO---Jake (or someone in the know..) please advise.. if indeed this charge of fifteen bucks is correct.


21-02-2006 14:56:06

I didnt get charged $15 bucks, i definitely think something is wrong


21-02-2006 15:02:34

I just got off the phone with their CST people. The woman said at first that I should NOT have been charged and said they are working the "kinks" out of their new system. She offered to enter it manually.

She attempted to do so and it also would not let her do it. Then she put me on hold for a few mins.. came back and told me that the $15 fee was correct because I chose a premium giftcard (home depot). The interesting thing is that if you pull up Home Depot it says NOTHING about fees anywhere until you try and check out. I also tried Lowes and had the same probelm. I thought I had heard that Freepay was paying for this service on THEIR end. Jake can you assist?

This is BS! Obviously the Supercertificate people dont even know which end is up..


21-02-2006 15:25:17

I think they charge a service fee if your denomination is $100. If you choose a less denomination, they wont' charge the service fee, I think. Cuz when i was trying to get $100 target giftcard, I saw a service fee charge, so i changed it to 2 x $50 target giftcards. You can try to get $50 giftcards and see if they'll charge you.


21-02-2006 16:15:41

Hey Pochacco,
Indeed you are correct! Thanks for that tip. That makes no sense whatsover! It only leaves more margin for error shipping 6 individual gift certificates (vs 3).
It would be nice if could have told me that!


21-02-2006 17:06:01

$15 bucks on a $100 cert?
thats bullshit


22-02-2006 03:35:02

If you order all of your giftcards on the same day to the same address then they'll combine them and ship them as 1 shipment. But it'll be annoying if you're going to make a big purchase at Lowe's or HomeDepot... )


22-02-2006 07:52:20

thats gay


22-02-2006 07:57:10

Wow, that sucks bad man. Try and work it out with Jake via PM - he'll probably clear it up for you.