Freepay is officially pissing me off!!!

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21-02-2006 07:13:21

Wating on my 5th referral to go green. My 5th did the offer Jan 24th. Never got credit even though it was supposed to credit the next business day. Waited the 15 business days and submitted a help ticket a week ago. Still not green. SO I did a trade for another referral. He signed up yesterday did the Real Rhapsody offer that is supposed to credit INSTANTLY. And he is still yellow. So now I am getting upset. It seems like Freepay doesn't want to give me my 5th referral. WTF?!?!?! Anyone else having this much trouble.

Sorry I just need to vent.


21-02-2006 07:22:30

[quote46472bed70="Shaggy135"]Waited the 15 business days and submitted a help ticket a week ago. [/quote46472bed70]

If you don't succeed at first, try again.

Have them submit the same ticket again. It may have been missed somehow.


21-02-2006 07:30:21

I think he said that they did reply with something like they are investigating it or osmething.


21-02-2006 07:31:33

BTW, did Presidents Day "slow down" or mess up any offers crediting or anything like that?


21-02-2006 07:41:37

I don't think automated systems take federal holidays off ;)

Try not to get so impatient with Freepay. They do their best to have an automated system that will work with as many of the different software/settings configurations out there, but of course, with that much variability in the end users' settings and software, it won't work perfectly all the time.


21-02-2006 07:50:41

Well it shouldn't say instant credit if its not going to. It just tell the truth. 3-5 days or whenever we feel like it, LOL, just kidding.


21-02-2006 08:22:50

There is TONS of information on the web regarding offer crediting times. Search around a bit. Once you get into doing this a bit more, you realize that instant isnt always instant for MANY companies.

Try searching for the offer name on here, (in their offer ratings section), possibly (not so much for referrals though), and

Do this before you try signing up for an offer. Even though you may be interested in the offer, it may not be worth it for you if you want fast credit.

Rhapsody, for example, I signed up for because I wanted the service (still kept it after the trial), and didn't mind waiting for the long credit time.

If you want fast crediting, you're better off researching the companies a bit first.


21-02-2006 15:34:18

yeah same, Flycell here has taken 4 weeks! just when they changed format they now decided to state it will b a 30 day wait. WELL it's been 30 days, actually over 30 days arghghhhhhhh


21-02-2006 19:21:46

Well at least you made it offical. That'll make things easier on Jake for when he does his monthly audit of people who are pissed off. So when his bosses come to him and say "Hey Jake, how many people are pissed off." and he responds and his bosses say "Is that official?" He can look them directly in the eyes and say "As serious as Jack Bauer on the longest day of his life."


22-02-2006 07:15:53

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Just kidding. ;)


22-02-2006 07:35:24

Stop your whining, no need to make a thread... want to know why?
Nobody cares, period.


22-02-2006 14:00:16

Well if nobody cares then how come so many have replied?