free I-Pod the best deal on freepay? ( ipod comin)

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19-02-2006 07:19:57

It seems like it. I didn't realize before that the PSP was 8 referrals. Isn't a PSP the same price as a video i-pod?

Also, the new i-pods due out this summer are supposed to have a full face touchscreen LCD. That sounds really sick, it's gonna be the size of the current I-Pod but the front will be one giant screen.

Anyone know how it works with the free stuff concerning new models? Will freepay update with new models once they come out?


19-02-2006 07:37:18

PSP isn't 8 its 5, the 360 and PS3 are 8


19-02-2006 08:10:40

Those are just rumors about a video ipod.


19-02-2006 09:43:41


would be cool thou