Can i change my address while in processing?

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18-02-2006 16:44:44

I just got approved for a 30G black Ipod and I want to order it but I will be moving in a month. Looking around I see that many people have been processing for quite a while so I am wondering, If I submit an order, can I change the address later?



18-02-2006 17:34:14

You have to cancel the order I believe. Unless you ask Jake. Perhaps he could work something out.


18-02-2006 17:46:26

[quote4570463f01="CougarKid"]You have to cancel the order I believe. Unless you ask Jake. Perhaps he could work something out.[/quote4570463f01]

What is the deal with canceling an order? Do i sent in a support ticket, or is there a button to click on the status page? When I am ready to order again I assume I don't have to be re-approved, right?
I PM'd Jake mid last week but he hasn't gotten back to me yet.



18-02-2006 19:19:50

well what you have to do is click the order number thing and that will bring you to a page that you can cancel, and all you do is re-order dont worry no re-approvals lol


18-02-2006 22:24:29

I would contact Jake, and work something out. I'd always be too nervous to hit the 'CANCEL' button.


19-02-2006 15:59:13

Yeah and if it's something like the PS3 site I would definately not want to cancel and lose my spot.

I'm gonna have to do this soon because I'm moving to Washington.


20-02-2006 17:18:40

Thanks for all the replies. Only two more questions...I promise. Can I still cancel after it has been STV?
How many days before I move should I cancel if it has not shipped?



20-02-2006 18:10:23

well once STV it shouldnt be to long until its shipped sometimes they ship it while its STV, well well i think their doing that next day shipping if im not mistaken, this is my first site of theirs


27-02-2006 13:22:45

I'm having a similar problem. My address just changed, while I'm "Pending Approval." However, there is no link to "CANCEL" order anywhere... checked all the pages on Any suggestions?

I can't even find a link to write to FreePay (ipods). When I go through the Help/FAQs, the only one with a field to fill in is if you haven't received your order after 15 days. When I fill out that form, it won't let me send it... it says "please select your order" but there is no field there! Hmmm...

(edit) OK, found a form where I can send a general question. I'll use that... but still can't find a "Cancel Order" link anywhere in my account.