Columbia House DVD Club

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18-02-2006 08:44:28

I have a few questions about this offer...

1. How come there's no place for you to enter your credit card? My friend said she completed the offer, received credit, but never entered her credit card...

2. For people who have done this offer How long does it usually take to receive credit? My friend has waited 7 days and still nothing...


19-02-2006 08:00:51

One of my refs did this offer and was creditted in about 4 days.

This offer is good if you like DVDs but it actually ends up costing a good sum of money because u have to pay ship & handling for each DvDs


19-02-2006 13:11:15

that's the offer I chose cause I thought it was kind of worth it. It's been 2 days and still no credit, so I should expect credit in a few days then. I calculated and it'll cost me just over 100$ (canadian) which is for 9 dvds, not bad if you ask me..


19-02-2006 22:26:33

Been more than 7 days and still no credit... >_>


19-02-2006 22:55:34

columbia house and BMG are the 2 slowest offers. They can take up to 30 days to credit.


23-02-2006 03:46:18

[quote20b3ba6a00="fgr_admin"]columbia house and BMG are the 2 slowest offers. They can take up to 30 days to credit.[/quote20b3ba6a00]

My Columbia House DVD club went into progress after about 3 days on But I was apprehensive to do the offer because I've heard about the long crediting time. I'm still waiting for Miracleburn to credit on another YF site and I read on another board that it usually credit fasts. I wonder why it goes fast for some and not others?


23-02-2006 04:11:37

Well... I was expecting faster credit for ALL offers, since iPods.FreePay is probably the least used site now... >_>


23-02-2006 04:21:13

It has little to do with the volume of users on a site. Crediting is largely a data-driven process. I'm not privy to all the details, obviously, but FreePay gets data from the advertiser letting them know who did the offer. However that data is loaded into FreePay's system, that's what triggers you getting credit.

Maybe there was a wrong setting on your computer, a glitch on the advertiser's system, etc. There are many things that can keep you from getting credit through the automated system. However, it's much better than a manual crediting system.