can you ship to a friend?

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15-02-2006 18:47:58

I have a question. After you get approved when you get to the ordering page, can you have the item shipped to a friend? I want to surprise my friend with the xbox (whenever I get approved and they're ready to shipped that is ). I don't want to receive the item, then have to mail it out to my friend again.

So, can you fill out your friend's name and address on the ordering page? Will this cause any problem to your shipment? Thanks!


15-02-2006 18:53:29

ya you can do that, no it will not cause any problems. I did that when I got an ipod shuffle, I gave it to one of my friends and sent it to his address. No problems at all.


15-02-2006 19:35:44

I suggest that you dont, but thats just my 2 cent


15-02-2006 19:35:54

I'd assume as long as that address hadn't been used for the same offer


16-02-2006 06:17:30

I don't recommend it. If we see it is being shipped to an address that already has an account on that specific site, your order will undoubtedly go on hold.


16-02-2006 14:43:14

oh o.k. Thank you Jake. Hearing from a rep is a relieve....