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14-02-2006 17:14:44

I have completed and offer, that means im GREEN o however, I have almost 30 referals, im the webmaster of a website and i just put a link called "free digital camera".
Its been less than a month since i signed up, what I have seen is that I only have 1 green ligh referral, and I was wondering if they have banned me or not.

my q.

How do you know if you are banned?(your account may be placed on hold if your posts could be considered spamming).

Because at least 1 dude sign up every 72 hours.(2 days) D

thanks a lot and nice forums and very helpful.


14-02-2006 17:32:19

That's not spamming to have a banner on link on your site, FreePay encourages it.


14-02-2006 20:13:16

[quote7e5be2f9fe="tylerc"]That's not spamming to have a banner on link on your site, FreePay encourages it.[/quote7e5be2f9fe]

thanks for replying, well i was thinking about it because I have 30 referrals, and only 1 have signed up for an offer, that means that I need 9 dudes to get the digital camera, I have removed the link and everything.. i think 30 is enough? lol

anyway, what If i was banned ?? what am i suppose to see? they just cancel my account and I can't log in? or do i see a message? how does anyone know when he/she is banned.


14-02-2006 20:33:34

You won't be banned for that, and no, they don't delete your account or anything.

It doesn't matter if you have 200 referrals or just 10 all green, some people have close to 2000 sign ups.


14-02-2006 23:07:20

thanks again for replying, 2000 ? wow thats amazing... but exactly is

[code1fed48d8c14]your account may be placed on hold if your posts could be considered spamming[/code1fed48d8c14]

"considered spamming"


16-02-2006 10:10:26



16-02-2006 10:20:16

Since it's your website, it's not spamming. Spamming involves going to other people's websites or message boards, and posting your link w/o permission. Keep your banner up on your site as long as you want.

As far as 30 being enough, I'd say no if they don't go green within 2-3 weeks. A lot of people click the link and sign up just to look, but then say "screw it" before completing any offers. A banner is a good way to get people to the site, but the ratio of green to yellow will not be very good. Keep it up though, as you never know when someone will see it and decide to complete an offer for you.


16-02-2006 12:26:25

Im a Forum Admin of a ringtone website and my referral link is in my signature. I have 95 people signed up under my PS3 and 6 are green, so I hope that doesn't constitute spamming. lol


17-02-2006 20:20:28

i still need an answer, how do i know when my account is "placed on hold"



18-02-2006 06:44:48

They don't ban people until you get all the needed greens (10 for the camera) and then request approval. Once you request approval, they will let you know if they approved you or put you on hold.