So Close Yet So Far

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16-11-2004 15:52:48

STV 10/13 Shipped 11/12, tracked my order today and it has arrived in NJ only like 1 hr away from my house, hopefully i will get it tomorrow, not supposed to get it until thursday.


16-11-2004 20:40:07

i think thats the same as it in KEASBEY? thats where mine was. i love how mine said arrived in Sacramento Friday and then it jumps to NJ today.


16-11-2004 20:54:55

Ahhh do you have to pick up from somewhere if you live in Jersey? I don't feel like driving to get it...


16-11-2004 21:43:55

My 11/12 shipped also changed from california to Charlotte today

its about 3 hours away from me hopefully it will be ontime with the estimated delivery of thursday


16-11-2004 23:52:32

hah mine did that too. it was in sacramento until today at around 9 when it reached my city. i started getting worried that maybe it was getting held back for something. )


17-11-2004 00:10:28

yeah i was like why isnt this thing moving

i called up fedex with a tracking number and everything and they still wont leave it without a signature


17-11-2004 13:42:09

Ipod Recieved today

Processing 10/5

Stv 10/13

Shipped 11/12

Recieved 11/17 (estimated delivery was 11/18)

good luck everyone else


17-11-2004 14:00:20

They tried to deliver mine today as well. I guess tomarrow will be the day.


17-11-2004 14:50:45

congrats pcmsmurf. hopefully the rest of us will get some iPod enjoyment sometime before christmas... before thanksgiving would be even nicer.


17-11-2004 15:17:24

Mine came to my house earlier today although I am away at college so I wont get to play with it until Thanksgiving break ?


17-11-2004 17:36:26

i was more excited about being shipped than receiving the ipod