I'm so addicted to Freepay :-)

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14-02-2006 07:31:04


With the amount of time I spend doing freepay stuff, like browsing here or checking my status or talking to referrals...I could probably have a 2nd job and just buy the stuff! but that wouldn't be as fun now would it?

Seriously addicted to this stuff now. All it took was the first couple greens to appear, it's quite the feeling! hahhah.

love it! for years I saw it advertised and talked about and always passed it off as a scam. I'm kind of mad at myself for not trying/researching it earlier!

I tried to get a friend of mine to sign up, who tried to get me to sign up like 2 years ago or something. Hahah I was sketched out at the time and didn't sign up under him, so now he's holding it against me and is not signing up under mine -D