Viewsonic N2010 - Works as computer monitor?

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12-02-2006 13:54:24

Does this monitor that is being offered on flatscreens.freepay work as a computer monitor as well as a TV?


12-02-2006 14:30:16

wow! u took the words right out of my mouth, i would love to know this too!


13-02-2006 02:08:25

In case you didn't notice the resolution 640x480... This will be the shittiest quality computer monitor that you've ever seen. It will also be the shittiest quality TV and I would never personally get anything of this quality. This is many many year old tech that you do NOT want. Get one of the 19 inch monitors if anything if you want a PC monitor (although I returned my 19 inch Viewsonic LCD because I couldn't deal with the large dot pitch and poor response time).