why the blockbuster offer rocks so much

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11-02-2006 12:15:52

You get your moneys worth with just the instore rentals themselves! I am a subscriber of Netflix and will probably still be due to their huge selection...but for Blockbuster's in-store rental a week, you get your moneys worth keeping both of them!

I really would like to switch off Netflix looks like ill have em both for this next month (billing period just restarted for netflix)

Best offer on any of these sites...by FAR. You actually get your money's worth if you keep it forever


11-02-2006 12:18:32

they only charged my credit card $1? what gives it should be $10 right?

I got the credit. Will I just get the $10 bill later?...was the $1 an activation fee or something? I mean my blockbuster account works just fine

can anyone confirm this happening to them?


11-02-2006 12:36:43

it seems most sites do that, they place a $1 charge on your card to see if it exists or something, dunno could be wrong


11-02-2006 12:42:54

COOPER as promo code....
gives you 1 month free trail (so i've heard wink )


11-02-2006 14:06:01

DONT use promo code if you want credit for the offer. If you use promo code...chances are the referral will go to the owner of the promo code..as it did for earthlink with fusioncash (see their posts).

In anycase, awesome offer. rentals for a month at $9.99 + instore rentals and quick credit.

They haven't charged my account more than the $1 account check yet..but all in due time


11-02-2006 14:12:32

i have inside information promo code will work...

even if u do offer 2x o


11-02-2006 15:05:47

I loved the Blockbuster offer, until they raised their rates. Then we couldn't justify the cost.


11-02-2006 16:46:40

[quote122d58f926="PokerNerdAA"]i have inside information promo code will work...

even if u do offer 2x o[/quote122d58f926]Hehe, good job admitting to frauding offers


11-02-2006 16:56:56

yea man...you're gonna ruin it for the rest of us who are trying to do it legitly

Onec they are abused enough theyll just dissapear


11-02-2006 16:58:27

was it really instant credit like freepay said?


11-02-2006 19:15:35

[quoteaada25d46a="Crynos"][quoteaada25d46a="PokerNerdAA"]i have inside information promo code will work...

even if u do offer 2x o[/quoteaada25d46a]Hehe, good job admitting to frauding offers[/quoteaada25d46a]

like i said, never done it.....

i was told like back in April about this guy said he did it and had some refs do it......


12-02-2006 07:45:41

I did it for a DiY site (I think internetopiniongroup) and it was instant.

freepay however tends to be different very often.


12-02-2006 10:34:53

yea please don't abuse the bbuster offer. it's currently the best one out there and the easiest to get referrals to do

plus most people keep it awhile anyways, its a good deal


20-02-2006 18:38:55

i got instant credit with this on friday. it is a great offer, I agree


20-02-2006 20:08:16

its alright


22-02-2006 07:19:38

Blockbuster was the first offer I ever did, to complete freeipods.com. Except I signed up for it like 2 years ago when it was a free offer, for either 2 weeks or a month, I forget which. I prefer blockbuster.com over netflix because they ship on saturdays while netflix doesn't.

Plus, at the time I signed up for it, not only did you get 2 free in-store rentals each month, but you also could request replacement movies immediately online without having to send the damaged disc back first, which you had to do with netflix. That was bs. I'm glad netflix finally caught up and started offering that, too, but not shipping on saturday sucks.


22-02-2006 07:20:58


I never got credit for my blockbuster

and one of my referrals who did blockbuster just went grey!!! what gives!


22-02-2006 07:40:36

One of my referrals said he did Blockbuster correctly yesterday for FlashiPods4Free, but being a n00b to this freebie stuff he probably didn't do it right or something because it's like [ib11be0dec5]always[/ib11be0dec5] instant.


23-02-2006 07:59:47

one thing to be aware of for blockbuster is what your next months billing will be as it WILL go up without you getting notice ) it is still worth it at any price i think.