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11-02-2006 04:20:02 a long time ago I think I signed up for digitalcameras, never did any offers.....and I clicked a link for digitalcameras the other day and instead of clicking member login, I just put my email and then a that violating the terms? Because if I did sign up before, I know I never did any offers, and I would have signed up with the same email I have now, and the exact same password....hopefully this isn't a stupid question...

I just really don't want to mess this up...



11-02-2006 05:33:50

yes you did violate the terms but if you send a support ticket and tell freepay it was an accident you will not be disqualified.


11-02-2006 10:33:31

You mean you just signed in using the front page instead of the member login? That shouldnt be a problem, I have done that without getting DQd. When you logged-on did it make you enter all your info like it was your first time? If not I wouldnt worry about it.