problems with offers on freepay (TRUE and Shoppers thing)

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10-02-2006 22:18:08

So after I fill out the first page of True, it sends me back to the freepay site when I click continue. Then the account is made and u need to login to do finish the profile, but logging in just takes u back to freepay!! wtf!

also, the Shoppers thing is supposed to be $1 a day right? Well when u go in now it says $5.95 a day trial. ???? what is that

thanks people


11-02-2006 06:51:24

That True bug happened to me too. I tried going back to sign up again but it kept telling me I was already registered.


11-02-2006 14:03:42

The true bug was happening to me too. I just downloaded firefox and completed it that way. Everything was fine wit firefox.


11-02-2006 16:08:29

yeah ive had same problem, so use moxilla?