Long Processing Times on SD550?

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10-02-2006 11:46:52

My girlfriend placed her order a week ago today (2/3). I was wondering if because of the new cameras there was a backorder on the SD550.

Has any one else since then gone processing and STV?


10-02-2006 15:38:06

i believe it takes 7 to 10 bussniess days so yeah be patient


10-02-2006 15:50:52

Been processing since 1/28 for a regular 30 gig ipod.


10-02-2006 17:00:12

I've been processing since what my sig says (I don't even remember anymore.)


11-02-2006 19:12:41

[quotef4145bc1ff="fitzuf"]Been processing since 1/28 for a regular 30 gig iPod.[/quotef4145bc1ff]

I thought the ipods were out of stock though.


11-02-2006 22:47:09

They are. I've been processing since the 24th.