Video Prof offer

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10-02-2006 06:26:44

looks like a good offer I have some quick Q's for those that have done it

first off, do you have to mail anything back? Lets say hypothetically that I completed the offer and the learning CD-Roms were way below my level (as a computer scientist) and I didn't care for them.

Do I have to mail them back successfully to get rid of it and avoid further charges?

I'm not saying i'm gonna get rid of it, but just if its not for me or way below me I might.

Or can you just call and cancel and not have to mail back any cds


10-02-2006 08:33:34

I think if you read the terms and conditions, it says to mail the CDs back and call them. I just did this offer a couple days ago, so I'll check back with the terms again when I receive the CDs.


10-02-2006 08:36:55

Yes, if you decide that you don't want to continue the service you must return a cd.


10-02-2006 09:33:04

If I remember correctly...its return 1 CD if you want to cancel...return them all if you want to cancel AND have your shipping and handling refunded..of course you'll still have to spend to ship the CD's back

someone correct me if im wrong =/


10-02-2006 10:54:14

Hmm, more talk of canceling.


10-02-2006 10:57:33

uhm, it's hypothetical speak.

with as many offers out there that are total scams, charging hundreds of dollars for bullshit, people should know if they can get out if need be. Their credit is at stake after all.