Concerned about a Referral

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09-02-2006 18:50:31

In exchange for signing up under me, I agreed to help my friend out in breaking into the freebie scene.
Here is the scenario

My friend recently recruited his cousin to do an offer under his site, and well, wasn't too sure about how long he should I think he might have messed it up.

He signed up and completed the BMG offer and then clicked on My Account to verify the email address. He then got the email and followed the link to a site that said "Click Here->" but there was nothing to click on.

So...being new and all (and kinda stupid), the next day he logged in again and went into My Account and changed the email address. Then verified again, got the email and now his account is verified. BUT instead of leaving it at that, he did the BMG offer again (moron).

Will this still go through?? Doing the same site's offer TWICE???

Any words of advice/ridicule would be much appreciated.


09-02-2006 19:29:37

Well I have done that once and so far no problems. Cant say I suggest it though.


21-02-2006 09:30:11

anyone else have any thoughts on this?? Is my friend screwed?