Account credited but no green

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08-02-2006 05:43:55

hey guys,

I saw this somewhere on the forums a long time ago and can't find this now. One of my referrals got this message

We show that your account has been credited for the required offer. This
will be indicated in the Check Status section of our website.

Do any of you know about how long it takes for this to actually turn green? I was hoping it was a 24 hour-status-refresh thing, but this is not the case.

Any help is appreciated.


08-02-2006 21:52:24

Could you furhter explain this situation? Are you saying that he is not green on your side yet, but he is on his side? If so, I'd ask him for a screen shot, just to be safe. Then I'd send a PM to Jake.


08-02-2006 22:31:43

This was the comment given to my referral on his customer service inquiry. He does not have the "congratulations you completed an offer" and I do not have the green check mark on my side.

I was just wondering how long after receiving that comment on the inquiry that it would actually show up on either his status or my status.


09-02-2006 07:11:47

It is possible that the offer credit was delayed by our system for verification purposes. PM me with your account information and I'll confirm this.