Has this happened to anyone else?

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07-02-2006 15:47:01

I made an account on prem ipods freepay, then another account later. I completed an offer on my recent account, but then realized that I had opened the first account by mistake earlier.

I emailed freepay and told them of my problem, and they put my account on hold becuase I had "completed an offer" using the first account. I KNOW I didn't complete an offer with the first account, but they insist that I did.

The most I did on the first account was click on a few offers to see what they were, but I never once completed one.

Now freepay is not lifting the hold on my current account that I really would like to have. I asked them to shut down the first account, but they keep the hold on my current account.

Has this happened to anyone here?


07-02-2006 15:59:16

I'd PM Jake on this forum and see if he'll work with you. He's pretty good at helping people out with their problems.

I've never really understood that policy of theirs though. You can have 2 accounts as long as you only complete an offer on one of them... If you complete an offer on both, they're both put on hold. Essentially they're punishing you for making them more money. (I know it's probably because it's like you're attempting to complete the site twice and receive two gifts, but you'd think they'd just not ship you a second gift and let you complete offers to your heart's content. Or at least just put one account on hold). Anyway, I'm done rambling. PM Jake and good luck.


07-02-2006 18:18:18

well I've already PM'd Jake, but he says that he's just seeing that both have completed offers through them, which I know I didn't.