Offer has Disappeared

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06-02-2006 14:47:12

I signed up for an eFax trial in the UK, but it is no longer in my completed offers page. I have also not yet receieved credit for it and its been 11 days.
Is this normal?
Also I reffered a friend who signed up for the Screen Select trial the day after I signed up for eFax, yet he got credit today and I dont have credit at all.


06-02-2006 15:45:19

The offers are frequently rotated. If you completed eFax correctly, you should receive credit.

How quickly you receive credit for a given offer depends on the advertiser. Some have systems in place to report credit on a daily basis; others take a week or longer.

For now, just be patient. If 15 business days have passed and you still haven't received credit, open a support ticket with Freepay.


07-02-2006 09:23:08

I'd be skeptical. eFax is usually very quick to credit.


07-02-2006 09:32:47

I used Firefox to complete the offer. I dont know if it allows cookies, does anyone know?


07-02-2006 09:54:09

depends on your firefox settings.

People usually recommend using InternetExplorer for offers, but I've used firefox before and it worked out fine.

Just wait the 15 days and if it hasn't credited, use the manual credit form in the help section at the freepay site.


07-02-2006 13:21:55

I still always use IE for offers, but nowadays most freebie sites work well with FireFox.