Longest Stage in Getting Your Freebie?

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05-02-2006 21:37:11


After about 5 months of off-and-on attention in trying to a free 60GB video iPod, I'm finally in the "Processing" stage. My question is what is the longest stage you've had to wait in order to obtain your freebie?

1. Getting greens (Longest for me, thus far--too many skeptics and I don't know enough people with a CC)

2. Getting approved (I got approved for my premiumipods.freepay account in less than 13 hours)

3. Processing

I've heard getting approval for any freepay site is longer than waiting through the Processing stage... but since I got approved really fast, should I expect my video iPod really soon as well?

Anxiously awaiting as this is my first freebie. -)


05-02-2006 22:45:22

Normally I would say getting approved cause it took me over a month.
but other than that it would probably be getting the greens.


05-02-2006 23:45:49

Yeah but processing for the Premium ipods has been taking a bit longer lately. I did much of the same thing as you, I started in May and request approval on Jan. 24, got approved the same day. I've just been processing since then. cry Hopefully sometime this week!


06-02-2006 04:04:25

Approval is generally the longest part, it took about a month for my iBook.


06-02-2006 04:08:43

Hmm.. for me, probably being STV for FreeiPods, back in Sept 2004. I believe it was the first huge wave of people completing the site, and they were having supply issues. Most people from late August didn't see their iPod until late Oct or Nov.